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‘Hi, I’m just checking in on you since the last time we spoke…’. All too often, this is how some salespeople shoot themselves in the foot. But, wait, I hear you think… What’s wrong with checking in on a prospect? Let’s take a look. 

Your call is an interruption. It’s always an interruption, unless your customer or prospect had it scheduled in their calendar. A “just checking in call” is not scheduled. Do you enjoy being interrupted? Neither do I. However, if you should interrupt my day with something of value, or relevance, then we can talk…

Where’s the Value?

Where’s the value or relevance in ‘just checking in’? Correct. It’s not there. In the customer’s mind, that seller has just lost a chunk of credibility (just how much will depend on the personality of the customer, and how much credibility you have with them before the ‘just checking in’ call. I hope you have loads… On the other hand, if we are calling to add value, share insights or relevant information, then we can talk. 


Try this instead…

If you ever – or if you have a tendency to – call just to check in on someone, try this instead.

Plan for each call. Spend some time and list some questions on your Meeting Planner that are relevant to developing the sales opportunity and are and compelling to the Prospect.  

What kind of questions, you might ask? Well, some thoughtful questions that will…

  • confirm your understanding of something
  • increase your knowledge of something
  • develop your relationship with the customer / prospect

Alternatively, prepare some relevant material to share with your customer. Take a look around your office, your hard drive, your network drives, your browser bookmarks…you’ve likely already got some really great material that you could share with your prospect. Something along the lines of the following…


  • Case Studies
  • eBooks
  • Webinars
  • White Papers
  • Testimonials
  • Blog articles
  • Industry insights and perspectives


If you cannot add value, or deliver insights, or ask questions that are relevant to the customers’ business &/or business case… Don’t call.

Instead, do some research, some planning, refer to your Playbook (if you have one) and open a thoughtful, respectful & professional business call with your prospects and customers. Do this for each & every sales conversation.



Planning for sales calls &/or meetings is a key element in our sales strategy, regardless of our sales process or methodology.

A Meeting Call Planner helps us better understand more clearly what each of the stakeholders expect from each and every sales conversation. Planning is especially relevant for calls with known or suspected Blockers. It helps us see which strategy should be used, and what tactics we might employ to help the Blocker how they will win by working with us. 

Don’t have a Meeting Call Planner? We’ve got you covered. Request your free copy of the WhiteBridge Meeting Call Planner. Feel free share it with colleagues, too. 

Good luck, and happy selling!

Meeting Call Planner

Request your copy of the WhiteBridge Meeting Call Planner template.

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