Sales Professionals

Whether you are a hunter or a farmer, you still have a quota to make (i.e. to exceed…). Therefore, a constant supply of high-quality leads is required in order to fill your sales pipeline with well qualified leads and opportunities that will close as profitable and enduring business.

In addition to this, managing multiple relationships and using our time as effectively as possible across a number of concurrent sales opportunities can be very challenging. This is just the tip of the iceberg…

Your challenges
When we talk with account managers, key account managers, business development professionals, they say at least one of the following is a concern…

  • Building & maintaining a strong sales pipeline
  • Creating new sales opportunities (new logos for hunters; upsell or cross-sell for farmers)
  • Securing your next meeting, and making all meetings count
  • Creating urgency for your solution, product or service
  • Increasing effectiveness at creating value in each and every lead/prospect/customer interaction

Cutting overheads, installing a shiny, new CRM system, or installing the latest and greatest app on everyone’s device just won’t cut it.

We equip sales professionals with both the skills and the tools to grow their business, and enjoy even more success by being the best they can be.

Your benefits & outcomes
With a proven approach to generating high-quality & high-value leads, you can quickly build a robust sales pipeline with qualified leads & opportunities, leading to win-win outcomes.

Improving your professional approach increases your potential to reach – and exceed – your sales quota, giving you a sense of professional success & job satisfaction, whilst improving your quality of life.

Sales professionals that we have worked with tell us that they are now more confident & efficient in closing more deals, more quickly, more consistently, and they are winning larger deals at higher margin.

What our clients say
Thank you for the workshop. I am already using your techniques…I like those…I now have more control of the situation in a sales meeting because of them, in comparison to what I had before the workshop – Account Manager

Learned how to promote the wins from a customer’s perspective and not from mine
– Business Development Manager

Your workshop was definitely one of the best I have attended…I would not hesitate to recommend you – Account Manager

Thanks again for a good and professional workshop today…I hope you will give more workshops – Management Consultant

Each need is individual, so please contact us to discuss your needs and how we can help.

Alternatively, book some time in my schedule that is convenient for you, and we can take it from there.

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