Small Business Owners

Running your own small business is full of challenges. There are never enough hours in the day, but there is always something else demanding your attention.

Any business that is running short of revenue cannot survive for long. Immediate revenue, of course, is not everything. There must always be a strong pipeline of healthy leads and qualified sales opportunities.

Also, you’re a business owner that needs to fix or avoid a particular problem, or achieve something that’s important to you.

Your challenges
When we sit down and talk with small business owners, we typically hear that at least one of the following is a concern…

  • Securing high-value sales leads, more effectively
  • Building & maintaining a strong sales pipeline
  • Securing your next meeting, and making all meetings count
  • Creating urgency for your solution, product or service
  • Increasing effectiveness at creating value in each and every lead/prospect/customer interaction
  • Winning more deals, without compromising on price
  • Creating and implementing your social media strategy and presence

We equip business owners with both the skills and the tools necessary to grow their business, increase revenue, profitability, and company valuation, and enjoy even more success.

Your benefits & outcomes
Small business owners and entrepreneurs that we have worked with tell us that they are closing more deals, more quickly, more consistently, and they are winning larger deals at higher margin.

More predictable & reliable sales forecasting, increased customer loyalty and higher company valuations are some common outcomes to look forward to.

What our clients say
I just landed a major contract, and got great support from WhiteBridge…my focus on analysing competitors…used it for what it’s worth…5 competitors in the race…asked the right questions…added value…price was not an issue! – Small Business Owner, Digital Media

Your workshop gave me a new and wider perspective on business development and sales…I’m sure this will be useful in developing our company – Director, Professional Business Services

Thanks for a great workshop… Your guidance could make a tremendous impact on our business. We have most elements lined up properly now (team, skills, technology, financing) , but we are lacking when it comes to sales process and understanding. If we manage to get this last part of the puzzle in place, we might be at the start of a great international adventure – Small Business Owner, High-Tech industry

Each need is individual, so please contact us to discuss your needs and how we can help.

Alternatively, book some time in my schedule that is convenient for you, and we can take it from there.

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